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 +====== June 10, 2016: ProM 6.6 released ======
 +{{ :​blogs:​news:​prom66.png?​direct&​600 |}}
 +ProM 6.6 is the successor of ProM 6.5.1, which was released in 2015. Like ProM 6.5.1, there will be no updates to packages in the ProM 6.6 release. As such, this is an immutable release which can hence be used in your publications. If it works today in ProM 6.6, it will work exactly the same tomorrow. Note that for ProM Lite this does not hold, as tomorrow it may work better. Like ProM Lite 1.1, ProM 6.6 contains improvements to the core of ProM. See [[https://​svn.win.tue.nl/​trac/​prom/​wiki/​ProM66]] for the details. Furthermore,​ many packages have also been improved. See [[https://​svn.win.tue.nl/​trac/​prom/​wiki/​ProM66/​ChangeLogs]] for details.
 +Both ProM Lite 1.1 and ProM 6.6 can now be downloaded from [[http://​www.promtools.org/​]] (note that we’re still working on the Mac bundles, they will follow shortly). ​