July 1st, 2015: ProM 6.5 released

ProM (ProM 6.5 “SilvR”) has been released, see http://www.promtools.org.

What’s new in ProM 6.5?

On Windows, there are installers (32 bit and 64 bit) available that include JRE7. Once installed, ProM 6.5 will use the included JRE7. If you’re not sure about the version of Java you have, or don’t want to change it because of ProM, please use one of these installers.

Files can now be drag-and-dropped onto the Workspace view. An import dialog will then open for that file.

In the Workspace view, resource (Event logs, Petri nets, …) can now be renamed using the Rename resource button.

The Action view now shows additional information on the selected Action (that is, on the selected plug-in).

The default visualizer for many resources will now remain default, even if you install other visualizers.

The Package Manager now checks availability of packages in the repositories. A package can only be installed if it is available (that is, if the corresponding file exists).

Apart from the Established and RunnerUp packages, there is now collection of Starter packages. Like before, the Established and RunnerUp packages can be installed by installing the RunnerUpPackages package (which is the default package to install), Starter packages can be installed manually through the Package Manager. Typically, these Starter packages contain work in progress.

Changing the amount of memory in the Package Memory now will update the necessary files instead of overwriting them. As aresult, any changes you have made yourself to the files, are maintained, only the memory option (-XMx) will be updated.

CSV files can now be imported and converted into a XES event log:

  1. Import the CSV file using the CSV File (XES Conversion with Log package) import plug-in.
  2. Convert he imported file using the versatile Convert CSV to XES plug-in.

See https://svn.win.tue.nl/trac/prom/browser/Documentation/LogCSVImport.pdf for documentation. As an alternative, you can install the Prompt Starter package, which also contains a CSV import.

The packages on decomposed discovery and replay (DivideAndConquer and DACAlgorithms) have been restructured. As a result, The DivideAndConquer package has now become the umbrella package for the entire decomposition approach and the DACAlgorithm package does not exist anymore (contents have been distributed over other packages).

See https://svn.win.tue.nl/trac/prom/wiki/ProM65/ReleaseNotes for additional details.