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 +====== Workflow Mining: a Survey of Issues and Approaches ======
 +W.M.P. van der Aalst , B.F. van Dongen, J. Herbst, L. Maruster, G.Schimm, and A.J.M.M. Weijters\\
 +//Working Paper 74, Beta: Research School for Operations Management and Logistics//​\\
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Many of today'​s information systems are driven by explicit
 +process models. Workflow management systems, but also ERP, CRM,
 +SCM, and B2B, are configured on the basis of a workflow model specifying
 +the order in which tasks need to be executed. Creating a workflow
 +design is a complicated time-consuming process and typically there are
 +discrepancies between the actual workflow processes and the processes
 +as perceived by the management. To support the design of workflows, we
 +propose the use of workflow mining. Starting point for workflow mining
 +is a so-called "​workflow log" containing information about the workflow
 +process as it is actually being executed. In this paper, we introduce the
 +concept of workflow mining and present a common format for workflow
 +logs. Then we discuss the most challenging problems and present some
 +of the workflow mining approaches available today.
 +===== Links =====
 +{{publications:​Aalst2002c.pdf|Download PDF}} (407 KB)