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 +====== Multi-phase Process mining: Aggregating Instance Graphs into EPCs and Petri Nets ======
 +B.F. van Dongen and W.M.P. van der Aalst\\
 +//2nd International Workshop on Applications of Petri Nets to Coordination,​ Worklflow and Business Process Management (PNCWB) at the ICATPN 2005, 2005//\\
 +===== Abstract =====
 +The goal of //process mining// is to automatically generate a
 +process model from an event log, e.g., automatically constructing an
 +EPC based on the transaction logs in SAP. Currently available process
 +mining techniques typically try to generate a complete process model
 +from the data acquired in a single step. In this paper, we propose a multistep
 +approach. First models are generated for each individual process
 +instance (this can be done in many steps). In the final step however,
 +these instance models are aggregated to obtain an overall model for the
 +entire data set. In this paper, we focus on that final step, i.e., aggregating
 +instance graphs. The work is motivated by recent tools and techniques to
 +generate instance models. For example, widely used tools such as ARIS
 +PPM and InConcert generate instance models that can be interpreted
 +by our process mining tool. The result of our multi-step approach can
 +be represented in different types of process models. In this paper, we
 +show a translation from aggregated instance graphs to Petri nets using
 +Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) as an intermediate step.
 +===== Links =====
 +{{publications:​Dongen2005c.pdf|Download PDF}} (871 KB)