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Activity Mining by Global Trace Segmentation

Christian W. Günther, Anne Rozinat, and Wil M.P. van der Aalst
In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence, BPI 2009


Process Mining is a technology for extracting non-trivial and useful information from execution logs. For example, there are many process mining techniques to automatically discover a process model describing the causal dependencies between activities. Unfortunately, the quality of a discovered process model strongly depends on the quality and suitability of the input data. For example, the logs of many real-life systems do not refer to the activities an analyst would have in mind, but are on a much more detailed level of abstraction. Trace segmentation attempts to group low-level events into clusters, which represent the execution of a higher-level activity in the (available or imagined) process meta-model. As a result, the simplified log can be used to discover better process models. This paper presents a new activity mining approach based on global trace segmentation. We also present an implementation of the approach, and we validate it using a real-life event log from ASML's test process.

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