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Process Diagnostics: A Method Based on Process Mining

M. Bozkaya, J.M.A.M. Gabriels, and J.M.E.M. van der Werf
Proceedings of International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management (eKNOW) 2009


As organizations change, their information systems can evolve from simple systems to complex systems, which are hard to understand, and therefore hard to maintain or extend. Process mining can help organizations in trying to understand the information systems by analyzing the system.

In this paper we propose a methodology to perform process diagnostics, based on process mining. Given an event log of an information system within an organization, process diagnostics gives a broad overview of the organization’s process(es) within a short period of time. In the process diagnostics methodology, several perspectives of the process are highlighted. The outcome covers the control flow perspective, the performance perspective and the organizational perspective. We used the methodology on a case study for a Dutch governmental organization.

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