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 +====== Mapping Data Sources to XES in a Generic Way ======
 +J.C.A.M. Buijs\\
 +//​Master'​s Thesis. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,​ 2010//
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Information systems are taking a prominent place in today'​s business process execution. Since most
 +systems are complex, enterprise-wide systems, very few users, if any, have a clear and complete
 +view of the overall process. In the area of process mining several techniques have been developed to
 +reverse engineer information about a process from a recording of its execution. To apply process
 +mining analysis on process-aware information systems, an event log is required. An event log
 +contains information about cases and the events that are executed on them.
 +Although many systems produce event logs, most systems use their own event log format.
 +Furthermore,​ the information contained in these event logs is not always suitable for process
 +mining. However, since much data is stored in the data storage of the information system, it is
 +often possible to reconstruct an event log that can be used for process mining. Extracting this
 +information from the business data is a time consuming task and requires domain knowledge. The
 +domain knowledge required to de ne the conversion is most likely held by people from business,
 +e.g. business analysts, since they know or investigate the business processes and their integration
 +with technology. In most cases business analysts have no or limited programming knowledge.
 +Currently there is no tool available that supports the extraction of an event log from a data source
 +that doesn'​t require programming.
 +This thesis discusses important aspects to consider when de ning a conversion to an event log.
 +The decisions made in the conversion de nition in
 +uence the process mining results to a large
 +extend. Defining a correct conversion for the speci c process mining project at hand is therefore
 +crucial for the success of the project. A framework to store aspects of such a conversion is also
 +developed in this thesis. In this framework the extraction of traces and events as well as their
 +attributes can be de ned. An application prototype, called `XES Mapper'​ or `XESMa',​ that uses
 +this conversion framework is build.
 +The XES Mapper application guides the de nition of a conversion. The conversion can be
 +defined without the need to program. The application can also execute the conversion on the data
 +source, producing an event log in the MXML or XES event log format. This enables a business
 +analyst to de ne and execute the conversion on their own. The application has been tested with
 +two case studies. This has shown that many di erent data source structures can be accessed and
 +===== Links =====
 +[[http://​www.processmining.org/​_media/​xesame/​xesma_thesis_final.pdf |Download PDF]] (9,53 MB)