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Conformance Checker

Most information systems log events (e.g., in transaction logs, audit trails) to audit and monitor the processes they support. While process mining can be used to discover a process model based on a given event log, explicit process models describing how a business process should (or is expected to) be executed are frequently available. Together with the data recorded in the log, this situation raises the interesting question “Do the model and the log conform to each other?” [1,3,4]. As a result, analyzing the gap between a model and the real world both helps to detect violations (i.e., the real world does not “behave properly”), and to ensure transparency (as the model can be, e.g., outdated). This Conformance Checker has been applied to, for example, administrative processes of a municipality in The Netherlands. In [2], the question of conformance has been investigated in the context of web services.

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