====== Case Studies ====== We have applied process mining for various healthcare organizations. For example, in the context of the STW project ''**Developing Tools for Understanding Healthcare Processes**'' we analyzed processes of the following care organizations: * Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) [[health:AMC_case_study|(go to case study!)]] (also a {{:health:amcfolder6.pdf|leaflet}} is available!) * Isala Clinics [[health:Isala_case_study|(go to case study!)]] (also a {{:health:isalafolder7.pdf|leaflet}} is available!) * academisch ziekenhuis Maastricht (azM) * mental healthcare institute Eindhoven (GGzE) ====== ====== We were able to analyse their processes and provided them with suggestions for improvement. For example: * For multiple organizations, long waiting times existed for the surgical intervention. Reducing this waiting time results in large time benefits for the patient. In particular, for the AMC we found for four patient groups that reducing the waiting time by 50% would mean that 290 patients would have to wait 12,5 years less in a period of 4 years. * Before surgery typically a pre-operative assessment has to take place for non-urgent patients. For Isala Clinics, it was found out that for a small number of patients (5%) this pre-operative assessment has not been registered. * Regarding costs it has been found for one patient group of the AMC that there were 5 patients that consumed 13% of the costs for the entire patient group of 2260 patients. {{ :health:results.jpg?200 |}} For some of the above mentioned organizations, more analysis details are available: please click on the link next to the organization name.