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 +====== Making Use of Data ======
 +Many logs contain additional data attributes per event, or per process instances. The following plug-ins make use of these data in some way:
 +  * The [[online:​decisionmining|Decision Miner]] analyzes the decision points in a process and discovers decision rules based on data attributes that are recorded in the log. 
 +  * [[http://​www.win.tue.nl/​~hverbeek/​doku.php?​id=projects:​prom:​plug-ins:​mining:​cde|Case Data Extractor]] allows to export the data attributes in a log as a CSV file.
 +A number of plug-ins deal with so-called //product data models//:
 +  * [[pdmanalysis|PDM Analysis]]
 +  * [[pdmrecommendations|PDM Recommendations]]
 +  * [[pdmmpdrecommendations|PDM MDP Recommendations]]
 +  * [[pdmimport|PDM file Import]]
 +  * [[pdm2pm|PDM Conversions]] - various conversion plug-ins transform product data models into a process model.