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 +==== HLProtos to Protos ====
 +=== Input ===
 +HLProtos model
 +=== Output ===
 +[[http://​www.win.tue.nl/​~hverbeek/​doku.php?​id=projects:​prom:​models:​protos| Protos model]]
 +=== Description ===
 +This plugin converts a HLProtos model into a Protos model while preserving all the extra information about data, time, and resources. ​
 +The Protos model can be exported as a Protos XML Export file with the [[http://​www.win.tue.nl/​~hverbeek/​doku.php?​id=projects:​prom:​plug-ins:​export:​protos|Protos XML Export]].