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 +====== Dealing with Less Structured Processes =======
 +Many real-life processes exhibit behavior that is much more diverse and flexible than, e.g., typical workflow processes (e.g., health care processes, or user behavior). There is a set of plug-ins that is particularly useful to analyze and visualize such, more unstructured,​ process logs. 
 +  * [[online:​fuzzyminer|Fuzzy Miner]]
 +  * [[online:​frequencyabstractionminer|Frequency Abstraction Miner]]
 +  * [[online:​activityclusteringminer|Activity Clustering Miner]]
 +  * Change Miner
 +  * Cloud Chamber Miner
 +  * [[http://​is.tm.tue.nl/​staff/​msong/​paper/​traceclustering.pdf|Trace Clustering]] plug-in
 +Furthermore,​ other plug-ins that are often useful in these cases as they are able to deal with noise are:
 +  * Heuristics Miner