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 +====== Performance Analysis ======
 +The following plug-ins evaluate timestamps, extract frequencies etc. to provide insight into performance aspects of the process. ​
 +  * [[dottedchartanalysis|Dotted Chart Analysis]]
 +  * [[basicperformanceanalysis|Basic Performance Analysis]]
 +  * [[performanceanalysiswithpetrinet|Performance Analysis with Petri Net]] projects performance information onto an existing process model (i.e. Petri Net). This way, bottlenecks can be easily visualized.
 +  * [[performancesequencediagram|Performance Sequence Diagram]]
 +  * [[logstatistics|Basic Log Statistics plugin]]
 +  * [[sessionanalysis|Session analysis plugin]]
 +  * [[performancemetricsinontologies|Performance Metrics in Ontologies]] shows information about the throughput times of process instances and processing times of tasks based on concepts in a log. Its graphical design facilitates the identification of potential bottlenecks in the system. The analysis is purely based on a SA-MXML log and, for the calculation of the processing times, it requires the tasks to have a start and a complete event types.
 +  * Execution Times Using Availability Based on Hours Per Shift takes information about performers into account when determining the actual processing time of tasks.