Table of Contents

Redesign in ProM

In ProM, we support the step-by-step redesign of process models.

This site provides an overview of the plug-ins in ProM that can contribute to the creation of these redesigns and the evaluation of their performance.

Demo and Tutorial

With the SHARE system, an environment to test and play with the tool kit is provided. This demo environment includes the tool, a tutorial, a screencast and several input models for the tool. A download of the tool is not necessary, one only has to register.

The following tutorial describes the generation of the input model for the redesign, i.e., a HLPetriNet, and the use of the redesign analysis plugin for the creation and evaluation of process alternatives.


For the generation of realistic process redesigns we use a high-level process. This includes the control flow and additional information like data and resources in the generation of a redesign. The created redesigns are evaluated with simulation. The Redesign Analysis plugin supports the generation and evaluation of process redesigns.


The following plug-ins either deal with, or produce, high-level structures that can be used to generate and evaluate redesigns.




More details

More details and more plugins related to high-level structures are given in the simulation models section.


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