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Semantic Organizational Miner


The semantic organizational miner discovers groups of users that work together based on task similarity. Tasks are considered to be similar whenever they are instances of same concepts. The discovered groups associate task concepts to originator concepts. Besides, for every concept linked to a group, all of its instances are shown. Figure 1 shows the main interface of this plug-in and Figure 2 shows an example of its result.

How to Use

  1. Open a SA-MXML log file by clicking on the menu option File→Open Supported File….
  2. Start the Semantic Organizational Mining plug-in via clicking Mining→ LogName→ Semantic Organizational Miner. You should get a screen like the one in Figure 1. In this interface you can select the desired methods and options to be used during the mining.
  3. Click on the button start mining to run this plug-in. You should get a screen like the one in Figure 2.

Figure 1. Screenshot of the configuration interface of the Semantic Organizational Miner plug-in

Figure 2. Screenshot showing the result of applying the Semantic Organizational Mining to a SA-MXML log