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Social Network Miner

This plugin reads a process log and generates social networks that can be used as a starting point for SNA. We can apply several techniques to analyze the social networks, e.g., find interaction patterns, evaluate the role of an individual in an organization, etc.


  1. Open an event log file in ProM (The log should have originators)
  2. Choose Social Network Miner from the Mining menu


Figure 1. Social Network Miner settings allow for the selection of the metrics to be calculated

The plugin provides five kinds of metrics to generate social networks. They are “handover of work”, “subcontracting”, “working together”, “similar task”, and “reassignment”.

The bottom of Figure1 shows the filtering option. Users can also filter originators according to their frequencies. Users also specify an organizational model file for the process log. It can be used to analyze social network using Social network analysis plug-in.


Figure 2. Social Network Mining Result

Figure2 shows an example of the mining result. The generated social network is displayed as a form of matrix (top right) and graph (bottom). One can remove low frequent arcs using the sliderbar. “Remove isolated nodes” button enables users to remove the isolated nodes from the screen.

Further steps

From the result panel, users can execute Social network analysis plug-in to perform social network analysis.


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