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 +====== WorkflowState Import ======
 +This import plug-in reads a given //​WorkflowState//​ file (see [[http://​www.yawlfoundation.org/​yawlschema/​WorkFlowState.xsd|XML Schema definition]]) and converts it into a CPN input file that can be used together with a generated CPN model. ​
 +See also [[yawltutorial|this tutorial]] for how to generate simulation models with current state support. ​
 +===== Usage =====
 +The WFState import can be invoked by choosing //File --> Open supported file ...// from the menu, locating the WFS file to be converted, and then choosing the type '​Workflow State file'. Note that this plug-in has not been released yet. 
 +===== Assumptions =====
 +   * The time unit of the generated current state file should match the time unit of the generated simulation model. See //Global Settings// of [[edithlprocess|High-level process]].
 +  * For simplicity we currently automatically convert the state for the first process specification found in the WFS file. Therefore, we recommend to export separate state files per process, or re-order the process states in the file accordingly. ​