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 Process Mining that Works

ProM is a generic open-source framework for implementing process mining tools in a standard environment. The ProM framework receives as input logs in the XES or MXML format. Currently, this framework has plug-ins for process mining, analysis, monitoring and conversion.

ProM is available as binary distribution files for the Windows, Mac OS X and Unix platforms, and as source code under the terms of either the CPL license (up to ProM 5.2) or the GPL license (as from ProM 6.0). It requires a present installation of the Java Runtime Environment, version 1.5/5.0 or greater (Version 5.0 is recommended for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).

Installation files, tutorials, and example logs are available on the ProM Knowledge Base. Furthermore, we also have Online Help for some of the plug-ins in ProM 5.

Unofficial nightly integration builds are available here (for the newest version of the ProM tool) and here (for further developments in ProM 5.0).

ProM 6.3 released


Workshop on Programming with/in ProM

On September 2012, there has been a workshop on Programming with/in ProM in Hasselt, Belgium. Read more...