{{page>tools:menu&noeditbtn}} ====== Tools ====== ===== ProM ===== [[http://www.promtools.org/prom6|ProM]] is a generic open-source framework for implementing process mining tools in a standard environment. [[prom:start|Read more...]] ===== ProM for RapidMiner ===== ProM for RapidMiner enables the use of ProM plugins in RapidMiner. [[rapidminer:start|Read more...]] ===== XESame ===== XESame is an application that supports in the extraction of an event log from non-event log data sources. [[xesame:start|Read more...]] ===== OpenXES ===== [[http://www.openxes.org|OpenXES]] (pronounced as "open excess") is a reference implementation of the [[http://www.xes-standard.org|XES standard]] for storing and managing event log data. Application domains of the XES standard, and the OpenXES library, are manifold. They include, but are not limited to monitoring of process-aware information systems, [[http://processmining.org/|process mining]] and general process analysis, and data mining. [[openxes:start|Read more...]] ===== ProMimport ===== ProMimport is framework for the extraction of MXML-formatted logs from all kinds of popular information systems. [[promimport:start|Read more...]] ===== ProM CPN Library ===== The ProM CPN library is a set of ML functions that supports the creation of MXML files from the simulation a Coloured Petri net. [[promcpn|Read more...]] ===== MXMLib ===== MXMLib is a Java library, used by ProMimport among others, when converting logs to the MXML format. [[mxmlib|Read more...]] ===== Process Mining Promo Package ===== The {{tools:promopack.zip|Process Mining Promo Package}} contains the logos of our software projects in a variety of rasterized and vector-based formats. {{tools:promopack.zip|Click here to download}} a ZIP archive with all logos. You are allowed to use these logos for: * presentation slides, or for * linking to our projects from your website. Note that any further use requires explicit written permission by the process mining group.