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 +This page tries to answer some frequently asked questions.
 +===== Database Specific =====
 +==== Oracle ====
 +  * **I get the error: '​ORA-17410:​ No more data to read from socket'​**
 +  __Solution Options__: Try if any of the following works:
 +    - Add the following property '​autoReconnect'​ with the value '​true'​ to your connection properties in XESame;
 +    - Make sure that the user you are using to connect has a long enough 'idle time' for the connection;
 +    - In case the above fails, you might want to follow the following steps from [[http://​jessehu.wordpress.com/​2008/​06/​17/​ora-17410-no-more-data-to-read-from-socket/​|this blog post]].
 +      - Go to Configuration & Migration Tool
 +      -   Start the database Configuration Assistant
 +      - Select radio button —Configure Data base options in database
 +      - Select your database—e.g. Oracle or pspl
 +      - Select —– shared server mode (in step 6 of 6)