About Process Mining at TU/e

The Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) research group at TU/e investigates methods, techniques and tools for the design and analysis of Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS), i.e., systems that support business processes (workflows) inside and between organizations. Hence, the focus is not limited to information systems and their architecture, but also the modeling and analysis of business processes and the organizations they support. AIS’s mission is to be one of the worldwide leading research groups in process modeling and analysis, process mining, and PAIS technology. The group is driven by the motto “Process Technology that Works” and is well-known for innovations that are highly original and applicable in real-life situations. AIS researchers are working on a wide range of topics including workflow management, process mining, simulation, Petri nets, business process management, process modeling, and process analysis. This resulted not only in landmark publications but also in software products and true impact in industry.

In particular, the work of AIS on process mining has had a significant impact on the Business Process Management field. The ProM tool, developed by members of the AIS group, has been applied in dozens of companies. Many of the ideas in ProM have been re-implemented in commercial tools such as Protos, BPM - one, Perceptive Reflect, Disco, ARIS PPM, etc. In fact, the work on process mining done at TU/e is seen as one of the most important innovations in the BPM field by Gartner.

Furthermore, the group has been involved in numerous process mining projects carried out at various organizations. Examples of these organizations are: