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ProM Tutorials

ProM User Tutorials

Process Mining in Action

This tutorial shows how to use the ProM tool on some example logs to answer some of the most frequent questions that managers have about processes in organizations.

Note that a general overview about the functionality in ProM can be found in the online documentation.


Short-term Simulation

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a CPN model for a running YAWL process in ProM. To enable operational decision support, the generated model can load an external file to start the simulation from a defined initial state. Example files to follow the described steps are available for download.


Discovering Simulation Models

Simulation-relevant information can be obtained from an event log via a combination of various process mining techniques, and subsequently can be automatically included in a CPN model.



The following help pages cover general topics related to the usage of ProM. They explain how to:


ProM Developer Tutorials

ProM 5 Plugin Developer

The ProM Plugin Developer's Tutorial gives reasonably experienced Java developers a short explanation of how to develop their own ProM 5 plug-ins. It includes an example for every type of plug-in.