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Session Analysis

Sometimes it may be useful to split up continuous processes into sessions based on some “timeout” (i.e., inactivity threshold). This is what the session analysis plug-in does for you.

The plug-in can be started based on any timed event log loaded into ProM. The configuration screen is depicted in Figure 1 and allows you to specify how much “inactivity” (i.e., time without observing any log event) should lead to the start of a new session.

Session Analysis configuration

Figure 1. The time unit and the timeout to be used to split up process instances in sessions

The result screen of the analysis is depicted in Figure 2. Basic statistics (minimum, maximum, sum, arithmetic mean, standard deviation etc.) can be visualized using a bar chart. The current chart view can be saved as a PNG file. Furthermore, these statistics can be exported in a combined way as a CSV file.

Session Analysis result screen

Figure 2. The result screen of the session analysis plugin

Finally, the session analysis plugin provides the resulting “Session Log” log to the framework for export and further analysis. In this session log, each previous process instance will be a separate process and each session will be a process instance. In the case there were multiple processes in the input log, the distinction between these processes will be lost (i.e., each process instance of each of these processes will become a separate process consisting of sessions on the same level).