Case study / Transportation
Example organizations using process mining
A few stories
Process Mining for Ana Aeroportos de Portugal
The Change Orders process has the objectives of incident prevention and timely response to the changing business needs, ensuring alignment of infrastructure with business expectations. With process mining, the questions could be answered: Is there another way to structure the process so that it becomes leaner? How can we be faster to implement and improve our performance?
Uber Drives Stellar Customer Service On a Global Scale
Martin Rowlson, the Global Head of Process Excellence for Uber turned to process mining technology, which is helping his team drastically improve customer service operations, and standardize best practices for customers worldwide.
Lufthansa CityLine - Soaring Customer Satisfaction with On-Time Departures
Lufthansa CityLine has set up the PROMOTE (PROcess Mining for OperaTional Excellence) initiative based on a digital twin of their organization by Celonis, allowing them to make measured improvements to increase punctuality for customers and enhance internal efficiency.