XESame Version History

On this page we will try to keep a version history log of XESame. On the download page the most current version will always be available for download.

31-8-2012 1.2 This release included only a couple of minor fixes:

26-8-2011 1.1 In this version the code was restructured, fixing a couple of major and minor bugs on the way.

27-7-2010 1.0 BETA1

First beta release for the BPM2010 release of the ProM 6 framework. This version is a major change, especially in the GUI. The most notable changes include:

03-06-2010 0.5 (XESame)

31-03-2010 1.0 (XESMa) Initial version after Master thesis called XESMa 1.0. This is the version referred to in the master thesis.